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Wow what happened?

This used to be a great app - you could search for music,you could see what was currently playing etc. Now it’s unusable other than to stream the station. I can’t even tell what is currently playing. And there’s some weird picture about story I have no interest in that I can’t choose anything else.

Great station non reliable app

Great radio station but the app will go in and out frequently. They need to do some work so that it is more stable

Doesn't Work

I get a note that says I need to update my i-Pod in order to install the app, but I have the newest IOS. Oh well, I guess I'll use Pandora instead.

Listening for the past 30 years...

I am a long time listener to KINK.fm. The are an alternative/progressive station. The personalities are always very cordial and bring a good flavor to the broadcast. The station does very well to keep them informed. They often play new music. And to me that is a plus and a half. I love to be able to hear a group or singer mature and hear them be comfortable with their music. I will continue to listen to KINK.fm for the next 30 years. Chrissy M Strawn 09/24/2014

No lights out

OK app, but no lights out. Please add lights out to make this a truly great app.

Horrible -bring back the previous app

This is just awful Hard to use and a big ad for clip???


Horrible update! I have deleted the app.

Patience pays!!!

Been waiting for a Kink 101.9 app for a long time; here's to hoping it's a good one!

Kink FM

This was a good app, you could listen to the station, see the song artist ect. Now it's a platform for advertisement, you close the ad & the feed will get interrupted and a new ad appears, very annoying, I understand the ad but quit forcing it, maybe a scrolling ad or have it go away after a bit!

Good for listening in a pinch

Great station but this app has too many pop up ads that require closing. On top of that, the quality of the audio feed doesn't match the old "backgrounded" audio feed. Can we have an option for bitrate? It's fine if you just want to listen using your phone speakers (i.e. alarm clock) and you leave the screen off but now I gravitate back to 101.9 FM or computer web browser feed for kink.

Crashing - won't open

What gives? This app was a daily use for me and suddenly it crashes every time I try to open it. Please fix!


Crashes dozens of times before it will properly load everytime I start it up. Major bug that needs fixing and I eventually give up and switch to another music player on my phone feeling like I don't want to bother going back to try again because of the trouble. Losing a user today.


Starts to open, plays song for about 2 seconds and then crashes. Multiple tries result in the same. Needs big-time fix.

app crashes

app will try to open been then crashes. was a nice app back when...now having to listen via Windows pc, bummer. fix-it!!!

Don't bother

Love the station but this app is a bug addled piece of crap. Just stopped working, no response from air cast after submitting bug report.

Kink fm stopped

this app stopped working when I upgraded my OS. It was fine before the update.

working again

I love kink, but as others have said, it quit working. Got to the splash screen and that was it. I finally uninstalled and re-installed it and so far it's working great.

No volume control?

Streams fine on iPhone 4G, but where's an on-screen volume control? I don't want to adjust my phone's volume to turn the music down. Seems like a basic function to me

Freezes at splash screen

Used to love this app, but it hasn't worked in a while. At this point it is useless, thus the 1 star rating. PLEASE UPDATE AND FIX!!

Does not work at all!

The kinks need to be fixed. This app stopped working since upgrading to iPhone4. Listening to kink.fm -- priceless. This app -- hopeless!

Not works

Is not working on iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2 It is just freezing on splash screen


I agree with the review that requested the app include Lights Out 24/7. The music is so relaxing.... so KINK add Lights Out to the app and it will be perfect!......patiently waiting : )

My favorite station. But not as good as regular Internet site.

I listen everyday on my way to and from work. Where's lights out?

Great but please add Lights Out 24/7

I would give this app 5 stars but I miss Lights Out which Kink offers on their site (via Flash or Silverlight neither of which works on iPhone). I would love to be able to doze off anywhere I'm traveling to the sounds of Lights Out; please add this feature and it'll be 5 stars from me!

This App Rocks!!

I am from Portland, how awesome it is to not only be able to listen to KINK while I am traveling, but also it whoops Pandora as I can listen to it in the background as I do email!

Good station, solid app

At first I seemed underwhelmed. However the broadcast starts to come through and the lyrics show. It was what I was looking for.

Great APP

This is smooth and represents the station well. Thank You!


This app is everything that they say it'll do on the radio!!! You can see the album, turn it over to see the songs on it, and tag songs that you like so you don't need Shazam anymore. The lyrics are way cool, so now I have a better chance of singing along "correctly" with my teenager! It's about one song behind what the radio actually broadcasts. If you're a KINK fan, you'll definitely enjoy this!

Well Done!

Nice to have KINK in Hawaii! Great station, of course, and the standalone app is a great idea. Background play worked seamlessly, which is not the experience I have had with other stations. Hopefully they will add the Lights Out and other streams in addition to the live stream. That's the only reason it didn't get a 5.

Good stuff!

Since KINK is my station of choice, it's nice to be able to listen in another form. I've only used it for a short time, but so far I am quite impressed. The only thing I've notice is that it is strictly a horizontal app, meaning it doesn't rotate when my iPhone is turned. Not a big deal, but just thought I'd mention that. Definitely worth trying if you like KINK!


I'm so glad kink has an app now, it's my favourite station along with The Brew. I would like a search function to search for songs played on the station to add to my favourites.

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